Is your Website Accessible
for People with:

Impaired vision? motor difficulties? cognitive impairments? learning disabilities? deafness? impaired hearing?

Accessibility in the digital world

Making a website or mobile app accessible means making sure it can be used by as many people as possible. This includes those with:

  • impaired vision
  • motor difficulties
  • cognitive impairments or learning disabilities
  • deafness or impaired hearing

Accessibility means more than putting things online. It means making your content and design clear and simple enough so that most people can use it without needing to adapt it, while supporting those who do need to adapt things.

A helpful tool

One of the simpliest things you can do to make your website instantly more accessible is to ensure you have enough contrast between the background and your text content. There are many tools you can use to check elements of your site and tweak the colours as needed. Click below for a colour contrast tool that we prefer to use.

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